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Cocktail history

We start our trip in LA and drive to Mexico on a rented Buick convertible. After the border check, we arrive in Tijuana. We were actually there to visit relatives, but our uncle had to go to Mexico City for work, although he had left the key for us. Tijuana is a typical border town, but when you’re there, you get a desolate sense of melancholy and hope. For many Mexicans, it’s the place where they leave Mexico to go to the promised land.

People used to drink in taverns, hotels and restaurants, but they were different than the places we know today. There was no ice until the early 1880s and there were very few mixed drinks like we know them until the middle of the 18th century. Since the dawn of civilization, there have been servants in taverns and landlords in inns, but can we call them bartenders? In many cases, there wasn’t even an actual bar! In those days, women played a vital role i


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