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The Founders


Nice to meet you

The founders of ‘The Holy’ spirits, cocktails, workshops and bar gear, messrs Groeneweg and Van Schaik, are free spirits with a love of style and cocktails.

A collaboration originated from charity, after which the forces were joined. Thanks to their years of experience in (digital) media and the creation of authentic experiences, they place the highest value on quality and experience.

Exceptional elixers

After the discovery of the hidden room in the 19th century church, with the alchemy laboratory and exceptional elixirs, they decided to join forces, allowing them to revive the recipes they found and share the elixirs with the public at large.


Thanks to this and the unique collaboration, a long-cherished dream became a reality; a premium cocktail company focused on making cocktails with only ingredients of the highest quality, handmade using old-fashioned methods and practices.

Our goal is simple: create an unforgettable cocktail experience, for every customer, in every sip, every single time. A beautiful and energetic approach to entrepreneurship that enriches the world with amazing flavors, beautiful cocktails and sublime experiences.


At the moment, cocktails are hot. Making a good cocktail requires knowledge and skill, because it is all about the right ingredients, creating the right flavor and using specific preparation techniques. Now, all this is within reach for you, because that is exactly what you will learn during our cocktail workshop! So do you want learn how to make cocktails, or master the skills of a real bartender or bar lady?

Then enter our Speakeasy bar and experience the magical world of cocktail shaking, and learn all its secrets. Our professional bartenders are happy to teach you everything you want to know.


Secret bar

Experience the sensation of secret passwords, underground basements and a hint of lawlessness. The underground bar is tucked away in the center of Rotterdam and is famed for the quality and artistry of its cocktails. Come and visit us and taste the atmosphere of a speakeasy from the Roaring Twenties.

The secret location of the Speakeasy is near the Witte de Withstraat in the center of Rotterdam. You will receive your password after making your reservation.




    You can visit us. However, in true Speakeasy tradition, our location is a secret. If you want to get in touch, you can do so via

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